My passion is helping small business owners, because we are a small business too. We share content designed to help you generate more leads, improve lead quality, increase your revenue and lower cost per acquisition- an approach we refer to as The LifeCycle of Social Selling for Small Business Owners

Who am I?


 All my life I wanted to be a teacher, because I absolutely love learning and sharing knowledge. I knew when I became a teacher that I would never allow my students to ‘raise their hand’ to answer a question.


Because, when I was in school and teachers would ask a question, I never raised my hand- because, I didn't know the answer... at least not right away. For several years, I honestly thought I wasn’t as smart as the other kids.

My Ah-Ha, That's How It Works, Moment

Years later I took a workshop on understanding How Your Brain Works. I learned that my brain likes to process information before I can intelligently think or speak about a topic. When my brain learns new, complicated information, I need to sketch it out in order for it to make sense. When I went to work for Cisco Systems, I did a lot of mind mapping and I was able to absorb a lot of information in a short amount of time, because I knew how my brain worked. My brain also loves to be metaphorical - I make everything into a story.

For whatever reason, I am deeply interested in how people process information and I am intrigued with what causes people to behave in certain ways. My teaching style is to speak about a topic, show you how to do it and then I ask you to do the work before moving on to the next topic. 

On a funny note, I used to think I was judging people, I now know that I am just fascinated with human behavior.

How We Help You...

I no longer teach in the classroom. Instead, I share the psychology of selling in a digital world with small business owners.  I specialize in

      • Sharing best practicing for using LinkedIn to connect with your Ideal Clients. 
      • Transforming your website into your best sales 'guy or girl'
      • Automation everything- afterall, we are a small business 

I am a Certified, Email Marketing Specialist and Customer Acquistion Specialist. I also have a certification in SPIN Selling. I am currently in the process of becoming a Hubspot Partner... Stay Tuned. 

Over the past 10 years I have been working with sales and marketing leaders with a focus on increasing win rates and improving overall quota attainment by designing and delivering prescriptive, learning programs tailored to the specific needs of their business. 

I have shared this process with sales professionals in the Medical Device field,  Hospitality, Healthcare, Evidence Based Solution Selling (EBSS), Information Technology, and many others industries.

My passion is taking large amounts of data and condensing it into something I refer to as ‘digestible chunks’. In other words, I teach you what is necessary, helping you see progress immediately.

When I get the honor of working with you, please know that not only do I love telling stories, but I also love hearing them. I want to learn about you, and what you want to accomplish.