LinkedIn: It’s Like A RangeFinder, It Literally Locates Your Target Market For You!

If you think about it, LinkedIn and Golf have a lot of similarities...

I started learning how to play golf about two years ago, because I found it to be the perfect way to spend time with my man. As a beginner golfer, I pay attention to a lot of the conversations, because honestly, I find them informative and hilarious (We are never too old to giggle when you hear grown men talking about balls).

Sales Cycle

One thing I’ve noticed is golf and sales have a lot in common. Let me give you an example. When a good golfer arrives at a Par 3 Hole, he will often use his rangefinder to measure the distance to a known point, usually the pin. Once he’s gathered this information, he’ll choose the appropriate club to help ensure he hits the ball far enough or, not too far.

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How to Generate Leads Using Boolean Searches

Writing a boolean search can be tedious and time consuming. Unless you use this tool.

A great question that many client’s ask me after I deliver a presentation is, “How can I know that the market we serve is on LinkedIn.”


My answer, “You don’t… at least not until you run the right search.”

I show them how to discover whether or not their target market is actually using LinkedIn, and together we explore their market’s activity level. Once they see the data, they’re hooked. The activity level and number of people using LinkedIn is absolutely amazing.

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This Platform Was Designed To Help Your Sales Team Increase Win Rates

Looking for a way to increase win rates and improve overall quota attainment?

Last week I had the privilege of speaking to a group of sales professionals about securing their LinkedIn privacy, and how they can turn their LinkedIn profile into a revenue producing platform.  

Win Rates

At the end of our meeting, I asked a few probing questions; I wanted to understand how they were using LinkedIn in their business. I listened to their stories, and what I found most interesting is that most sellers know that buyer behavior has changed, and using platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook could definitely help them capture new business; however, they fear “looking stupid” or, another fear I heard was, “What if I use LinkedIn and miss my quota?”

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A 4-Step Messaging Campaign That You Can Start Using Today

In order to remain top of mind without being sell-zy, you need a strategy that creates trust as you guide buyers through your sales process.

Do you have a cadence for staying connected with your target market? If not, keep reading. I’m going to share a process you can use once you’ve connected with your prospects on LinkedIn.

Campaign Messaging

After you connect with your ideal buyer, it may be safe to assume that they don’t understand the value that you and your company can offer. But, you can’t start selling to a new connection the minute they connect or they will disconnect from you. You need to create some trust, let them know you care and that you want to learn more about their business.   

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3 Steps for Writing the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Does your LinkedIn profile stimulate interest, create curiosity and cause your target market to take action?

Have you noticed that the best commercials today are not talking about their features… they are telling a story, and they are destroying their competition.

LinkedIn Profile

Watch the Beats Commercial

If you can write or tell a good story about you and your solution, then you are more likely to influence and compel your audience to take action. Effective storytellers, like George Lucas, who recently sold the Star Wars “story” to Disney for $4B, understand a good story will create customer advocates or shall I say passionate, raving fans.

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Are You Using LinkedIn To Build Your Sales Territory Strategy?

You can use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search just like you would use Google.

Does your sales team know how many prospects they need in order to meet or exceed their year end quota?

Image_Worksheet on Territory Planning

How you prioritize and rank your accounts can have a huge impact on quota attainment. Imagine spending all of your time and energy “working a deal” only to learn at the end of the year that your account is going to be split into two different companies and what you thought would be closing this year will have to be moved to next year.

Having a Sales Territory Strategy can help sales professionals determine the potential value of each account and strategically decide where they should invest their time and resources.

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How I Use Feedly And Evernote To Remain Top Of Mind

Evernote can help you collect and share content that is relevant to your client's.

Many great sales reps have mastered the art of persuasion. They understand the psychological human motivators that stimulate their client’s to buy. The problem is, they’ve always used their body language, their voice and their eyes to convey this trust and presence.

LinkedIn, Feedly, Evernote

Today, in a B2B sale, credibility is often earned through the content that we share with our network. Buyers want to read relevant content and research you and your company before engaging with you.   

So, how can sales reps convey their desire to serve their client’s when a phone call nor meeting face-to-face is an option in the beginning?

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How To Find Keywords For Your LinkedIn Profile.

Buyers are doing 60% of their research before reaching out to you. Keywords can help them find you.

There are a lot of really great sales professionals that truly know how to help their clients achieve their business goals. But, as Dan Purdue shares in a SEMRush post, “The problem for so many gifted and talented companies is that no matter how great they are, few of their potential customers know they exist and this keeps companies from  thriving and making a difference in the world for others.”

Image_Keywords 1

Why do potential clients not know that great sales reps or talented companies exist?

One reason is because we aren’t using the same words that our clients’ use when they search for answers to their challenges. So, how can we find these words and add them to our LinkedIn profile or any messages we share?

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Tools You Can Use To “Warm Up” A Cold Lead

Turn Your Cold Lead Into A Warm Lead: Curate, Share, and Discuss even if you don't have a Marketing Team.

I do it and chances are, you probably do it too.

LinkedIn Cold Leads

We research before we make a buying decision. Period! Before I bought my car, I read and talked my choices through with other people. I did the same thing when I bought my house.

And, our buyers do the same thing. So the question that remains is who is providing our clients with this insightful information?

If you’re not the person keeping your buyers educated, well keep reading. I’ll show you a process you can use to warm up your cold leads and provide relevant information by using just two tools: LinkedIn and Feedly.

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Are You Using LinkedIn For Lead Generation?

LinkedIn- the perfect platform for lead generation. Are you ready to fill your pipeline?

Remember when we only used our cell phones to place and receive a call? Today, our mobile devices are our alarm clocks, weather reporter, calorie counter and more.


And, at one time, LinkedIn was predominately used for posting your resume and searching for a job. But, things have changed!

Today, LinkedIn is capable of helping you generate leads, showcase yourself as a thought leader in your industry, and build relationships that create customer advocates.

3 Steps for Generating Leads Using LinkedIn

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